Şanghay Nerede 📍 Şanghay’ya Nasıl Gidilir

Şanghay, Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti'nin en büyük şehri. Çok kültürlü yapının yansımalarını görebileceğiniz kent, 24 saat yaşayan bir metropol. Dünyanın en işlek limanlarından biri olan...

Beijing, I Love You!

Beijing, I loved living in this city, I really did. But when it came to writing about my life there I really struggled. I’ve...
The Royal tomb entrance

Surprising Shenyang

Shenyang? So where is it? Most people don’t think much past Beijing or Shanghai when they think of interesting cities in China to visit....

They got me good: I am Scammed!

“They got me good!” as the English saying goes. Or, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”Today, after three lovely months in...

Are You Hungry?

New country, new food, I eat! China is of course famous around the world for its cuisine, but honestly, until you come here it...

The Gift: Why I Came to Beijing

I’m lucky, I really am! Life opened the door of opportunity for me, when I wasn’t expecting it. And it was an opportunity that...
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